Wash Moving Heads

The Wash Moving Heads typically feature color mixing, delivering a wider beam of light for increased coverage or if required more subtle effects. They are brighter due to the more efficient optical pathway and also have a larger aperture at the lens, and typically have a frosted, fresnel style lens. The Moving Head Wash Lights are best for washing large areas with color. The Wash Moving Head Lights are perfect lighting solution for large scale live concerts, TV studio, road shows, theatre, mobile DJ and clubs, etc.

By strict selection of excellent components and parts, Nebula Led Wash Moving Heads come out with creating innumerable color mixing possibilities. They are compact sized moving heads with excellent features and impressive output, such as the smooth dimming curve and flicker free. With intelligent design, they are easy to use by professional or non-professional users. Our sales team is trained on all aspects of Wash Moving Heads and provides the best professional service for you.


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