Spot Moving Heads

The Spot Moving Heads are flexible and versatile lighting fixtures delivering a focused and defined effect. Normally, the Moving Head Spot Lights feature gobo functionally.
They can be very helpful to create a variety of interesting looks. We can see Moving Head Lights Spot in concert, corporate event, trade show, theme park, house of worship, club and disco, etc.

Nebula Led Spot Moving Head Lights are researched and developed by Nebula R&D team. The innovative optical system of Spot Moving Heads brings you with admirable performance. Various color, fixed gobos, rotating gobos and optical effects like linear zoom, variable electronic dimmer, linear changeable Iris and CMY function make the infinite experience. There are various control modes for your selection according to requirements. Nebula moving head light manufacturers are trained on all aspects of Spot Moving Heads and provide the best professional service for you.


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