Outdoor Wash Lights

The Outdoor Wash Lights are often referred to Wall Wash Lights that cover a large area with light. It is best used on large, mostly flat walls. the effect of Outdoor Color Wash Lights is to wash out any small imperfections in the wall and make it look flat and smooth.
Nebula Outdoor Led Wash Lights mainly refer to wall washers and other wash lights that are specifically designed for outdoor lighting engineer. There are non-waterproof and waterproof Led Wall Wash Outdoor Lighting. For the waterproof fixture, the IP rate of them is up to IP65 or more than. The Led Wall Wash Lights Outdoor are with a unique design to illuminate large surfaces like walls and curtains. They feature high brightness and wide beam angle. The cooling system is nature convection heat transfer with high efficiency. The housing material is aluminum that is hard and avoids corrosion. Our sales team is trained on all aspects of Outdoor Wash Lights and provides the best professional service for you.


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