Nebula team would like to share with you the videos of lighting show and projects, using Nebula products like LED spot moving head light for sale, LED wash moving head, LED beam moving head, LED profile moving head light, LED logo projector, LED water ripples light, battery powered LED uplights, LED par lights for sale, outdoor city color wash light and so on.

Combined with wonderful music, the lighting show is a charming and attractive performance. In order to show you the best lighting effect, Nebula team prepared for a long time before making the video. Hope you could enjoy it!

Nebula welcomes those customers who would like to share the projects with us from all over the world. Yesterday, you may see Nebula waterproof LED stage lighting products on an open ceremony. Today, you may see Nebula LED framing shutter shootout on a theatre. Tomorrow, you may see Nebula outdoor gobo projectors on a shopping mall. Your share of projects using Nebula products is our honor.

Being one of LED stage lighting manufacturers in China, Nebula manufactures high-quality products. The fixtures are widely used in a fixed installation like stadiums, theatres, studios, clubs, DJs and touring performance like road shows, auto shows, outdoor weddings, parties, etc.

Main video

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